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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When Gifted Kids Pass Notes

This is a note I picked up from my students mid-year, but I never got around to sharing it with you.  Technically, I didn't take it from them: they surrendered it to me willingly.  I think they were rather proud of themselves. The text of the note reads....

 What must I do
for a Blue Mountain Dew?

There's nothing to do
The Dews not for you

Y Not
How much u got?

Just enough for me!
So please let me be!

Don't make me bawl
I'm having withdrawl!

My heart wouls sure sink
If I gave away my blue drink

Why give it away
if cash I pay?

It would cost you alot, an arm and a calf
or maybe a dollar, a dollar and a half

Maybe a dollar?
change is a bother

You have a deal.
In this not, please conceal.

That's what Dillon owes me
If you want a dollar, ask he,
Unless you take credit
because I have debit.

At you I must scoff
The deal is now off

Maybe two dollars on Tuesday
I swear I'll pay!

I do not concur
No dew for you, sir.


msprimadonna67 said...

Completely fabulous! This is why I love teaching AP students: )

ba_hutch said...

So there is life after school,
time to get back in the pool.
Maybe we'll see
More blog posts from thee...

vanilla said...

A person of such creative talent as yourself must surely appreciate these kids' efforts. They knew you would! ;)

Alex the Girl said...

That was priceless, and truly gifted children.

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