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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The first, The best, The only: ROGUE

I love RPGs.  They are, by far, my favorite type of video game, and the love started a long, long, long time ago (the 1980s).

Until recently, though, I could never remember the name of that very first PC game that started my love on dungeon exploration, weapon acquisition, and monster bashing.  I did a little wandering about the web, and I found it:  ROGUE.  Yes, yes!  I was so excited!  Here's the cover of the manual from EPYX Computer Software:

Doesn't it look exciting?!  In this game, you fight your way through level after level of dungeons, looking for armor and weapons to help you on your quest to find the Amulet of Yendor.  You can read Rogue's whole story at where I found these pictures.  It's a fantastic journey of adventure and excitement! 

BTW - the actual screenshot looks like this:

I played this game for HOURS.  Days, even.  It was truly, truly AWESOME, and I thank you, Michael Toy, Glenn Wichman, and Ken Arnold for using the computers at UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkley to inspire a whole division of video games that have kept be happy for my whole entire life.

Thank you.

PS.  Want to see what it's like to play Rogue?  (sorta)  Try out the web-hosted Hexatron Rogue.  But, don't blame me if you get addicted.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Have you ever noticed how many different ways this sound is used?

If someone is hurt, we say, "Aw, you poor thing!"
If we are frightened, we yell, "AH!"
If we are impressed, we breathe, "Oooo.... Aaah..."
If we think something is cute, we coo, "Awwww!" with that squeaky sound at the end.
If we are fighting, we fiercely bellow, "AAAAARGH!"
If we figure something out, we let out a triumphant "Aah!" or "Ah-Hah!"
If we step in a puddle of water in our socks, we sqeual, "Aagh!"

I love the weird things our language can do.

What makes you go, "Aaah!"?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have a new blog: Good Food, Gluten Free.

I told you I was plotting! I've always been a thinker. I think and I think and I plan and I plot. Eventually, I get around to taking action.  Eventually has officially arrived.

I have taken all the food posts from this blog, copied them into the new blog, and from here on out, that's where all the food posts will stay.  If you're a follower here for gluten-free reasons, please switch right on over with me!  Who knows?  There may be something in it for you if you're the first follower...  hint-hint!

If you're here because of my charming personality (or just because you're stuck with me because we're related), have no fear!  Here's What Let's Do is not going away!  Now that I have decided for real and for true what I'm doing out here in blog-land, posts will be forthcoming...  eventually.  (ha!)

See you on the flip side.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Greetings, Followers!

I have not been ignoring you, I promise! Rather, I have been burying myself in a combination of way too much work and way too much video gaming. It's a lovely combination. -sigh-

It's a combo that also makes my family wonder if I've fallen off the face of the earth! (Hi, family)

In addition to work and play, I have also been scheming, plotting, and entering random bloggy contests. Hang tight, loyal followers. I'll be back soon. In the meantime, please enjoy some of this tasty happy goodness from my Winter Break vacation:

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