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Sunday, April 11, 2010


A poem I've been thinking on since last spring....

Spring arrives shyly
embarrassed to be caught dressing
uncertain of the fancy gown
          prepared for her party
thinking perhaps that people may laugh
         if she does something wrong
         takes a wrong step in the dance
         allows a petticoat to show
                  a jewel to drop to the ground
                  her corsage to droop.

She's not done this before.
          Older sisters have; they've given instruction

The blush fades
         she takes a deep breath
She shakes out her locks
         golden and green
Dons slippers of purple and white
         a waistcoat of white and yellow-green
         a gown of innumerable blossoms, delicately embroidered
         a blazon of pinks to be-ribbon her hair

the belle of the ball

She retires
         the blossoms fall to the ground.
She rests
         and begins to prepare her younger sister.


vanilla said...

You're back! Fantastic. I really like this poem. Beautiful imagery, and the idea that she takes her rest to prepare her sister for her debut is pretty cool.

Secondary Roads said...

I LOVE it. Spring lives.

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