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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Huh! Looka that.

You know, I just love to know what other people think of the weird things that I (or my Jim) happen to stumble across. (Remember that awful movie UltraChrist?)

I mostly just like to hear what other people's reactions are... because I can't be the only one thinking what I'm thinking, right?! (Not that I'm going to tell you what that is.)

So here is an item that makes me say, "I just am not sure how I feel about that." (Wait! I just told you!) On one hand it's cute; it's funny in an adorable I-bet-you're-just-like-your-daddy sort of way. On the other hand... well, listen to the audience.

Check out this little guy.
(He is cute, though, isn't he? and good, too! he's really really into it!)

So what do you think of the little preacher man? Thumbs up or thumbs down?


Ida said...

Like you, I really don't know what to think. On one hand, it's like WOW! That kid is really something. But something in me says NO! That kid is being exploited. There's not a clear black and white answer. Maybe it's too soon to tell.....

B Boys Mom said...

I'm not really sure! This is really showing that our little ones watch every move we make and want to be just like us. He was just doing what he has been watching so far in his little life.
So cute but not cute that that work?

Clara said...

I agree, he's cute in a just like daddy way. And he's proof positive that whatever you do, your kid will do. Looks like he's had some encouragement, too. I hope they don't get too carried away with it, tho. What's cute a 1 can be obnoxious at 3 or 4. Or 12 when he's mocking.

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