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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

UltraChrist, part 2

It occurred to me, when I first found (stumbled over?) UltraChrist, what an awesome idea it was. It actually doesn't bother me a bit. (I know, I know, but hear me out!)

I mean, how great would it be if Jesus WAS like a superhero? If he swooped in and saved the day? If he was always there - physically there - to protect and defend? If he could just show up, flip the tables of the corrupt, clean out the evils of the government?

Then it occurred to me
...the people who actually got to hang out with Jesus were kinda hoping for that, too.
...we're probably all rather looking forward to living out the chapter in the Revelation where Jesus returns to Earth and does battle.
...we're often confronted by others who want to know why we go through rough times if God loves us so much?
...ironically, the preschoolers' favorite worship song is "Jesus, You're my Superhero". many people would really love to have a superhero.

It's all in the perspective. God is my superhero, sans-spandex of course, but my superhero just the same. He's never let me down. Even when my life was really lousy. Maybe even extra-super-mega-lousy. He's always there to help me find a way through.

God's way of working my life isn't necessarily the way I expected, but that doesn't mean He's MIA or ignoring me. He's still there. He still cares. (And I bet he's got an awesome sense of humor.)


Losing Myself said...

Yep, He has an awesome sense of humor, that is evident. However, He still can't abide blasphemy.

However, you are absolutely right. He is my HERO. Has been since that day He changed my life forever.

Clara said...

Yes, He is a superhero! As you said, not in the way we may want Him to be, but He's always here!

BTW, I gave you an award. I know you aren't into that, but I think you deserve it so you get it. No obligation.

CDB said...

I think this is a great take! I love the blog.. popped over from your guest post at K's.

Anonymous said...

I agree he has an awesome sense of humor.

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