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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, how I miss you.

I was teaching today... BUT instead of being focused, my brain was elsewhere.

My current position was suddenly, surprisingly considered for elimination this week.

On Sunday, an article was published in our local paper: the School Board was considering the elimination of Commonwealth Governor's School. I just transferred to CGS in October. There was no warning, no discussion, no hint of this possibility to the students, teachers, or the board of CGS. Just an article in the paper stating that on Tuesday, the School Board would vote on whether or not to keep CGS for the 09-10 school year.

On Monday, there was nothing short of uproar in all CGS classes. That afternoon, a letter arrived from the superintendent claiming that the paper was wrong in its reporting, and that his intention was simply to renegotiate the contract, but the language in the resolution didn't really seem to match up with his letter.

On Tuesday, there was a second article in the newspaper. This article was about the Spotsylvania County School Board meeting (one of the other counties involved in CGS). Their school board drafted a request to our school board to ask Stafford to keep CGS. Tuesday evening, the board room was packed. The meeting started at 7, and the board heard testimony from about 50 people. Shortly after 11, they cast their votes. CGS gets to stay.

Today, I was busy. Super super busy. And the students were wound up -- several of the seniors said that they wished they still had college essays to write so that this experience could be their "pivitol moment". The teachers were finally relaxed, even a little giddy, after the scare. It's not that we would have been out of a job entirely (most likely), but we would have had to change programs. No one wanted that.

I did a lot of personal reflection these last few days, and I found myself a bit homesick.

I miss the pile of friends (peers and students) at North. I was stressed, and I realized that they were always there for me. The kids would even ask what was bothering me sometimes. I miss that. Even though my friends at CGS were going through the same thing, even though we all were stressing together, it just wasn't the same.

I miss you, North. I love my new job, my new peers, and my new students, but I miss you.


Clara said...

Wow! Must have been a couple of really scary days. Sure glad they voted to keep you.

I am Barking Mad said...

Thank goodness they voted to keep CGS!

I can relate to a hubby's job relies on their client's getting huge (and I mean MILLIONS) in financing for big projects. Isn't happening so much lately. Thankfully the several clients they have at the moment had a fair amount of liquidity and could pursue their projects. But at this point it's a day to day thing. We just keep praying and holding our breath!

Anyhow, your comment was right above mine over at SITS and it made me laugh this morning. Hope you aren't feeling too rotten after that incredible combination you ate so late at night. *lol* One thing you DO NOT want to try before bed is pickles and chocolate milk. The nightmares it induces are wicked awful!

I'll be back again! I really enjoy what I've read so far.

Auds at Barking Mad!

Anonymous said...

Certainly sounds like a stressful few days.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you got to keep the job Mikki. Scary times. Hugs to you and a Happy Valentine's Day!

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