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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Field trips

I really miss the days when field trips were fun. You know, the good ol' days when I used to be taken places.

Now that I'm the taker, and not the takee, field trips are not nearly so fun. I'm chasing 40 kids around, begging them for money and chaperones. It's not my fault that the trip was scheduled for the Friday night before Thanksgiving! They don't wanna go.

It ought to be fun, though. We're going to go see a production of Hamlet. I've never seen Hamlet (just read it), so I'm looking forward to it. It ought to be interesting; I'm really really hoping that it's also very very good. (That doesn't sound like the writing of an AP English teacher, does it?)

There's only a million or so loose ends to tie up before we're ready to go! (wheeeee.)

Fun Fact: The Commonwealth Governor's School refers to these as "Field Experiences", not "Field Trips".

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Matt said...

Hi Mikki,

You've been tagged!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend--Matt

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