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Monday, November 2, 2009

Two Months Down, Eight to Go!

Didja miss me?!

Well, the second month of work has come and gone, and I am terribly behind where I should be. Ah, me. The paperwork! It burns us, it does.

On the bright side, Jim still loves me, the first marking period ends on the 10th, the new version of V begins tomorrow, and I just bought a whole pack of Andes mints FOR MYSELF. mmmm.

Catch you later, you loyal readers, you. Hopefully the insanity dust will settle soon and I can write you some more interesting posts... ... ... like how in my dream last night I was sending emails to Dracula. Super awesome.


vanilla said...

Didja miss me?!
Yes, but tend to those responsibilites first. Seriously, may blessings be yours.

Secondary Roads said...

Yes, of course I missed you. I come here everyday to see if you've stolen a moment to update this blog.

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