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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things I love Love LOVE

(notice that it doesn't say "people"... just "things")
  1. Tools
  2. Reading college essays
  3. Starting a new month
  4. Video games
  5. Brownies
  6. Power tools
  7. Warm towels
  8. Zombie movies
  9. Knowing people are praying for my friend Jill
  10. Sending care packages to soldiers in Iraq (want to help? I'm getting one ready right now!)
  11. Reading a new book
  12. The teenage psyche
  13. SCIENCE! (insert flash of lightning)
  14. Re-reading an old book
  15. Fixing stuff
  16. Learning new things
  17. Field trips
  18. Music
  19. Spirit Week
  20. Blogs
What do you like?


Lisa Anne said...

What do you love about starting a new month?

I love:

Greys Anatomy
my flip flops

Mikki Black said...

Well, I like watching the time go by, and the changing of seasons, and the new holidays that come, but it also gets me one step further through my job (I'm a teacher). I get to look forward to new units and new lessons and all of that, too.

Mural Maker said...

I love:
my grandson!
my hubby
my dog
my 81 yr old mommy who still teaches 3 classes of step aerobics, even with cancer!
that my mom has me finally taking her aerobics class
watching tv
changes in seasons
wearing sweaters now that the weather has changed
I could go on and on, but Happy SITS Sharefest Saturday!
(and my list isn't really in order, except for the top two:)

Emmy said...

Brownies are my downfall. The last time I made a pan they were ones that peanut butter chunks so for some reason my kids did not like them.
Well after a couple of days half of a pan was gone.. (and my kids didn't like them)... I made my husband take the rest to work before I kill myself :)

Rhonda Elrod said...

Things I love, love, love:

My kitty Pumpkin

My ever suffering roommate (really I do need 3 alarms every morning)

New writing assignments for my English class

Getting back test grades

Publix glazed doughnuts

Running on fall mornings

Finally finishing a knitting project (I've been working on a scarf for a year now)

Clara said...

Top on my list of things I love today is watching Michigan State beat Michigan! Sorry, Jim, but I L-O-V-E, love it!

Holly said...

Thanks for stopping by 504 Main yesterday. I love your list of "Loves." What a great idea. I might just have to make my own list now.

Holly @ 504 Main

Helen McGinn said...

Hi, love your list. Hmm, my list would go on for ever but here are a few:
* Tea
* Freshly baked bread
* Seeing Rangers beat Celtic (Scottish football) just because I know how annoyed a certain will get and I take a perverse pleasure from the fact that he won't return my calls for three days; is that evil? *L*
* Coffee
* My tartan jammie bottoms (translated to plaid pj pants...just incase you think WT...?)
* Curries

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