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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Toadstools Gone Wild -or- What kind of fairies ARE you?!

I like mushrooms. I do!
But may I say, that for those of you who do not...
This post is not for the faint of heart.

We've always had mushrooms in our yard: It rains, a few pop up here and there, it dries up, they disappear. The whole process usually happens so fast that I have no time to dig them up, even if I feel the desire to. This year is different.

What do you think of when you think of mushrooms? Are you a romantic, like me? Do you think of these little spotted cuties?

...complete with a tiny fairie to sit atop them and enchant the crickets?Well, I got news for you, pal. I think my yard is infested with evil fairies.

See her? She has it out for my yard, I just know it. Take a look at the very NOT cute mushrooms occupying my front yard:

Oh, sure, they don't look so bad in that picture - a little obnoxious, maybe. Heh heh heh. Take a look at them with some common items thrown in for reference!

Can you say, "Holy crap, ya'll!"? 'Cause, um, holy crap!

(That's a size 9 1/2 sandal, btw!)

When I went out to dig those guys out of the yard, I realized that they were not alone. (cue dramatic music) In addition to those "lovely" specimens, there were at least 5 other varieties growing ABUNDANTLY in my grass!

I had these little brown ones growing both alone and in forest form:

...hiding under grasses, even.
I have fairie mushrooms like the first picture, and even one or two pink ones like this:

I even had one of these little teeny tiny buttons! It almost seemed a shame to dig him up, he was so cute snuggled into the moss under the pine trees!

Why am I blogging about mushrooms, you ask? Well, let me tell you something: normally, I wouldn't, but you see this bit of yard here?

(Lovely, just lovely. Oh, thank you! You're welcome. Where was I?)

Oh, yes. In this tiny little corner of yard, on my way to the big ones, I found all of these:

Yes, my friends, that is a flower flat FULL of shrooms. Those little buggers were hiding EVERYWHERE! What should have been a 5 minute dig turned into a 30 minute - how dang hot is it out here anyway - event of torture!

All told, my (quite fragrant) crop of mushrooms came to this:

Here's that big sandal again - just to help you soak it all in:


Now THAT's a lot of shrooms.

PS. My son has been saddened by the loss of the mushrooms. Apparently, they weren't disappearing last year after all -- he was running out in the morning and kicking them. -sigh-

PPS Next time, HE gets to dig them up.

PPPS Don't kick mushrooms. They like it.


Ida said...

LOL! Maybe you need to leave a couple for kickin' next time.

vanilla said...

Great photos, nice job. You got to do the work, we got to enjoy the story!

Lisa Anne said...

I love mushrooms, for dinner, not in my grass. Those suckers are huge!!

Shanda said...

I've always heard that mushrooms grow best with a healthy supply of your dog primarily using the front yard???! ;)

Wow girl, I live in the same town as you and we don't have anything like those in are yard!

Clara said...

Zowie! That's a lot of scary fungi! Makes me shudder to see them. We've been getting the big puff balls in our back yard the last few years. At least they aren't poison, just ugly.

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