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Monday, August 10, 2009


Isn't it funny how a powerful memory can be triggered by something tiny? A sound, a smell, a jingle, an old photo...?

Every time I hear a mourning dove, suddenly I'm at G'ma and G'pa Carley's house. I can smell the water of the lake and hear the cuckoo clock, and I can see the canal out front. All from a soft coo of a bird.

Or, fire up a grill and throw some chicken on there, or give me sun-warm raspberries, and suddenly I'm out back with Grandpa Hutchinson and he's making chicken for us while I roll down the hill and raid the berry patch.

One of those moments happened to me at church Sunday morning. I was walking down the hall and glanced into the youth pastor's office. I saw this:

Suddenly I was a little girl again, and I wanted my daddy. This green suitcase, a bit beat up, made me miss him so bad!

We used to have those suitcases - a whole set of them. I remember that I loved how hard they were; they seemed practically indestructible. They had a silky lining, with little elastic pockets around the edges. And they smelled funny. They always smelled funny.

I haven't seen one of those suitcases in 20 years, probably.

I think I'll go call my Dad.


Jeanette said...

Too funny! My family had a set of those too. Isn't funny how things trigger.

vanilla said...

Isn't nostalgia wonderful?

Nice stroll down memory lane.

Secondary Roads said...

Interesting. You aunt Sylvia and I had a couple of suitcases like that. We bought a pair of large Sampsonite cases when we left for Costa Rica and Ecuador. Say Hi to you dad. I think of him often when I hear the cars on the short track 1.4 miles from here where we used to watch the races.
-- Uncle Chuck

Gigi said...

OK. That was one of the sweetest little posts I've ever read. I love how such tiny things can just transport you to another time and place.

Lisa Anne said...

I love moments like that, especially when they bring back memories of my mom. I only wish I could I call her to tell her.

Ida said...

Memories are such wonderful things.

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