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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am cranky, bloated, pimply, and tired. And that was before I weighed in! (Is it next week yet?)

up 2# to 176# again.

I have been doing all good things, though! Swimming, yard work, walks, increased general activity, etc. I am hopeful that a positive weight change will soon follow.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure positive things will happen.

Good luck.

ciara said...

fluctuations will happen especially if we're pmsing! i know you'll go back to losing again. i have to exercise to lose and i've been slacking big time lol thx for always being supportive.

p.s. yes, i know the blog layout is very blue lol but i'm working on changing the header. can't take the lady doing a backbend. i was getting a complex looking at her flexibility lol

Julie said...

You have been doing so good! Getting out & doing all that stuff is definitely a good way to be going. Don't you love when the weather is better? Anyway ... stay positive, this week will pass :)

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