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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Well, this life of mine seems determined to tick me off.

Haha. I made a funny. I didn't even mean it, but I guess it was my subconscious looking for a bright side. You see, one of my "firsts" for today was discovering that I was a host to my very first personal tick. It was an icky brown one.

Later on, I found out that one of my students has Crohn's disease. That's a first for me, too. I've never had a student with Crohn's. He's a tough guy. And a nice guy. And I'm praying he'll be Ok and recover.

Finally, I went to the doctor to get the rest of the tick removed (yes, the rest... it was an unpleasant morning). He really had to work at it, too. When he was done, he said he was going to have to put a stitch in because the tick had been buried deeply. So now I have my first stitch, too. My whole life I've never had to get stitches, and I've been rather proud of that, seeing as how I'm ultra accident prone and make Bella seem calm and in control of her body. I no longer can say that.

I'm hoping for a dull and uneventful evening, but since I'm going to help Jim work at the church's new building (YAY!), I'll probably end up with at least three new bruises and/or scrapes.

On the bright side, my latest round of blood tests for my heart stuff have all come back clear. (also YAY!)


Shanda said...

Yay for your heart tests!! I attempted a bit of humor on my blog today...maybe it will make you smile!!

Mark said...

A stitch? One stitch? Can't you have stitches like everybody else?

Mikki Black said...

Yup. One stitch. (I didn't want to be greedy)

It felt kinda funny to be stitched up like a piece of fabric. All stretchy and what-not.

vanilla said...

Your first tick and your first stitch, and all in one event! [and I do like your "ticking me off" pun]

I left something for you on my blog today, Mikki.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had your nice dull night.

Gluti Girl said...

Ewww, poor thing. I had a tick when I was a kid. Yuckie. By the way, I've tagged you on my blog!

Anti-Supermom said...

I haven't been 'stitched' yet either - it makes for a very interesting story though - a tick so embedded that sewing was required- okay, my stomach turned a little writing that.

Glad you can post about it, hopefully this act makes you feel better, it usually helps for me.

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