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Sunday, March 29, 2009

That was great!

My son is a storyteller. He's not a good storyteller, though. His stories tend to end with the saying "That was great!" and are usually something like this:

"Hey, Mom?"


"Remember that one time when we were at the store and the stuff fell off the shelf but nobody had touched it and we all looked at it and I was like 'Wow! Did you see that? That stuff fell off the shelf without anybody even touching it!' and Annie was like 'Yeah I saw it too. It fell right off the shelf and nobody was anywhere near it' and then you just looked at us and said 'Pick it up.'?"


"That was great!"


lizspin said...

When we were young my little brother used to end his stories with "And then I found ten dollars" just to make it interesting. . .

Matt said...

Maybe he's doing his impression of Chris Farley:

Jill said...

Hi Mikki!

Sounds like the stories my daughter tells me.. lol

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