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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Days in March

Snow Days are lovely fun, and now that I live in near-tropical (-snort!-) Virginia, any snow is a good reason for the school district to take the day off. Today is a lovely, cold, snow-white day. The roads are fine by now (10AM), I'm sure, as I can see administrators and such showing up for work at the school behind my house. Teachers and students, however, have today off.

Yesterday I did not post as promised because I was busy with sledding trips and grading papers, but here is what I woke up to on Monday:

The snow, still gently falling, a hush over the whole neighborhood...

The kids ate breakfast in triple layered clothing and bolted out the door as soon as they were done.

This beautiful, serene scene was ravaged by snowball fights, dog tracks, whitewashings, and the like moments later.

Daisy wanted no part of the festivities and, when I tried to get her to go outside, went straight to bed instead.

Can't blame her, really, she's so short the snow was all the way up to her belly. When we got to this snow drift up against a small rise between the playing fields, she completely disappeared! The kids are standing in it in this photo below. The snow had piled up against the hill in such a way that we didn't realize there wasn't a hill there until it was too late. Daisy leaped for the hill and -poof!- gone. Jim tossed her to the top, and when she landed - on her belly, or course - she disappeared again. It was a great day for her, once we convinced her to go out.

The kids were pretty pleased with the snow drift, too. They had no idea such a thing was possible. The wind was blowing the top layers of snow all over the place, and they just loved it. They said it looked like mist and fog and sand and all sorts of things. Jimmy wanted to know: If the wind blew hard enough, could we have a sandstorm made of snow?

More pics of the sledding trips later, but here's a shot of the hill, the track, and the football field where we sled. It's the last glimpse of sun from the top of the sledding hill yesterday:



Anonymous said...

It is beautiful.

I'm ready for spring, but the snow is lovely.

Ida said...

As much as I don't like snow, it does look like they were having fun.

Matt said...

I'm glad that your kids are enjoying the snowscapes. Being a lifelong Clevelander, I tend to take snow for granted and forget how beautiful it can be.

Storm said...

It IS beautiful if you don't have to be IN it. Lol.

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