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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I like to find stuff

Way back, once upon a time, I worked for Dunder Mifflin Infinity. I was part of the Beaumont, TX branch.

One of the features was message boards: games, contests, general chats, stuff about The Office, stuff about random stuff... The one that surprised me was all about random things that you find on the floor: notes, lists, pictures, anything that's readable, basically, is fair game. Now, I had never heard of anyone else picking up those things and saving them.

Yes, I said "anyone else". Because, my friends, that is EXACTLY what I do. Everywhere I go, I have one eye out for stuff that people have dropped. Then I pick it up, and if it's interesting and not just some wrapper or receipt, I keep it. Think of it as people watching taken to the next (non-creepy) level.

Do you do this too? What have you found?

My latest find comes from Senior Slave day at the school where I teach. It is a student's typed instructions to her new Senior, freshly purchased for a day's "labor". The name has been changed for courtesy's sake. Everything else has been faithfully recreated, spelling, caps, punctuation, text size, and all.

Rachel's To DO List
  • RACHEL YOU ARE TO carry all my books.
  • Write all my notes for class
  • When I am entering a classroom you need to say The Beautiful, Lovely, and Wonderful Techira is coming!
  • When I need to ask a question I will write it down then you will say: Techira needs to ask a question. And then proceed to ask the question
  • Before I sit down you will wipe all seats.
  • You also need to pass out my valentines' day grams to whoever I point to and say: Techira Smith has chosen to give you a valntine candy enjoy and love her forever
  • Whenever someone says my name you have to say Queen Techira someone is calling you
  • The number one rule is HAVE FUN

This is just a sample of the insanity that makes up Senior Slave day. One of my other students had to put on geisha makeup and a kimono and carry a small paper fan. He - yes HE - also had to shriek in fear whenever the bell rang, and scream, "The Huns are coming!"

I love my job.


erica said...

I love it! These kids can be so creative...when school work isn't involved:)

Losing Myself said...

Sounds fun. Hope nothing got out of hand. :)

Tiffany said...

That's funny. I never thought about collecting dropped pieces of paper, but I can see how it could be interesting.

Mark said...

I like the green pieces with pictures of dead presidents.

Anonymous said...

Senior slave day sound like quite an adventure.

I love that the number one rule is to have fun - like following all those rules would be a really great time.

Clara said...

We never did fun stuff like that in high school. I'm jealous.

Linda said...

This cracked me up. I read it to the kids.

Missed having you link up today. If you go back to my guidelines post I now have the code for a smaller badge which also links to my site.

missy said...

haha!!! i love it!!!! kids are funny little humans no matter the age!!!!!

Shannon said...

This is hilarious! Thanks for stopping by my blog leading me to this great laugh!

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