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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meet the buzz kill

Me: It's supposed to snow!

Him: Yeah. Too bad you've already got the day off.

Me: Yeah, but it's better than never!

Him: But you've already got the day off.

Me: Yeah.... But we're supposed to get like a whole inch! I love snow.

Him: It's an inch of "slush".

Me: "slushy SNOW"

Him: Slush doesn't seem worth getting excited over.



We have not had a good snow in my town for TWO WHOLE FREAKING YEARS! I don't care if the snow comes down orange with purple spots! If it resembles snow, I WILL, repeat, WILL be excited about it!!!!




Losing Myself said...

SNOW?? You can have it all. Snow is one thing I DO NOT get excited over. Now, 80 degree weather, THAT would excite em.

Mark said...

Is his name Bill? Cuz that would be a really cool name, Buzz Kill Bill.

I tend to agree with him tho - slush...meh...

But today on the way home from church when the snowflakes were floating down like frozen silver dollar feathers, and the fields were glittering... well... wow!
You shoulda seen it. Oh, sorry.

Shanda said...

I'll be excited right along with you!!

John Deere Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! We haven't had much snow yet this year to speak of either and I want some! We have had 2 "snow" days but one was for ice and the other? Too cold to go to school. Yep. Too cold. But snow? Nowhere to be found. *sigh*
Hope you enjoy your slush. :)

vanilla said...

Left Indiana and drove 1300 miles to South Texas to get away from SNOW. Worth it, too. 88 degrees here today!

Orange with purple polka dots...

Jill said...

I would do anything to see some snow right now. I don't care what color it falls just let it snow.

I guess I'll have to get out of Florida first.!

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