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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

I grew up in Michigan, right abooouut... here! (points to middle of hand) and we used to get loads of snow! Oodles of snow! Snow like you've never seen!

(That ought to get a good corrective comment from my mom! teehee)

Well, there is this one picture I've seen of tiny me on grandma and grandpa's sidewalk between two walls of snow several feet deep. And once, there was a blizzard: 20" of snow. And I remember sledding, and snow on Halloween, and waking up to find that three inches was not enough to close school. I love snow. More than I love peeps!

Then I moved away...
  1. I lived in Florida: no snow.
  2. I lived in Missouri: just ice. (whee!)
  3. I lived in Seattle: the Emerald city. (well, there was that one freak snowstorm during the 3 years we lived there)
  4. I live in Virginia now: totally unpredictable.

In 06-07, we had a forecast for 1/4" of ice. We got this:

Yup, that's 7" of ice and snow that we woke up to. Some 1/4", huh?

We had no school for 3 days-ish.

The kids built these to show the three developmental stages of the snowman. (Yes, they're weird, and yes, I'm proud of it.)

The 07-08 school year came and went without a single snow day or snow photo to show for it. We did have one day of snow: it started around 10 and was done by 2. And melted by 2. No frolicking was to be found. I don't know who was more sad: me or my (high school) students! You never saw so many pouty faces as on that day!

Now, it's 08-09 and time for more snow. Everybody says so. It's supposed to be a real good year for it. It even snowed in November! Twice! (maybe thrice! depends on who you talk to.) And here is our exciting December snow to date:


On the bright side, there's snow and ice just 50 miles away right now, so keep hoping! Wear your jammies inside out, flush some cubes, and do your favorite snow dance in our honor!

I'm hoping and dreaming for that most joyous of joys: the white Christmas.


anti-supermom said...

I love the three developmental stages of a snowman, so funny, this is totally something my oldest would do.

Thanks for the bloggy visit, SISTa, I love to meet new bloggy friends.

Shanda said...

I am from MI too! Right here! (also pointing to my hand!) ;) Gotta love that!

I am hoping we get some sledding snow this year!!!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I moved to Hawaii from Los Angeles. No snow for me. I liked looking at your snowmen though.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

DESJ and Company said...

OK, here in Chicago we have 5 inches of snow and it's not so thrilling anymore...

Thanks for visiting me!

Mark said...

My Dad always joked about shoveling 6" of partly cloudy off his driveway.

And I just remembered how I found your blog. You told the joke about 3 guys walking into a bar. That's been my favorite for years.

Clara said...

I thought of you this morning when I woke to several inches of snow. And we're expecting more, much more, tomorrow.

I have to live up to your expectations. When I was growing up I always thought your Grandpa H was exagerating when he talked about lots more snow when he was younger. But I remember getting 3 feet of snow when I was in high school. And many storms with over 20 inches when I was a young adult.

We were snowed in your first winter. We couldn't get the car out for a week. Your dad had to wade thru hip deep snow to get to a store and buy supplies.

Remember the Christmas when you were expecting Annie? Jim had to go back to Troy and you stayed on a few days with us. I remember you said you were praying for a White Christmas. And boy did we get one! So keep praying! It's worked before! I just hope you have the snow early enough that we can get to your house without too much trouble!

Love you!

Mama Kat said...

My kids can eat peeps. Check.

Thanks for all the great info...I'm working my way through all the gluten free sites and learning BUNCHES!

It is my goal to create a gluten free that my children may live comfortably in it. :)

Joy said...

I would be missing snow too! I can't believe you had none last season. I hope you get snow this year. We've had a good week of snow. It's been a lot colder since we've moved back. Paul couldn't believe they closed post down for 2inches of snow today. It's so funny!

Valerie said...

Hope you get your white Christmas! We hardly ever get snow. Had a blizzard in 93 or 94 it was BIG for us. I wanted to stop by and thank you fro stopping by my blog. I hope you'll be back, I will. Have a great day!

Blue Castle said...

The three stages of a snowman is just really great! What inventive kids! Hope you get some snow. :)

Clara said...

Come on over and pick up the award I've given you.

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