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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas with CD #5 - PIE!

Today was pie day.

I looked at a bunch of recipes and finally settled on one that was not too complicated, but seemed promising.

I made a pumpkin pie with half of the recipe and I am planning to make cranberry pecan tassies with the other half, tomorrow probably.

The pie turned out super yummy, and I liked the crust, too. So did the kids and my mother-in-law. Pumpkin pie is her favorite, so I am encouraged.

Jim, my husband did not try it. He hates pumpkin. Perhaps next time. :)

I found the recipe through a link at, and could probably find it again for you if you want the original link, but here's the ingredient list.

1 C tapioca flour
1 C white rice flour
1 t xanthan gum
1 T powdered milk
6 T butter (or cream cheese)
6 T shortening
1/3 C water

Step one. Mix dry ingredients
Step two. Cut in butter and shortening
Step three. Add water and mix so dough forms a large ball
Step four. Divide in half
Step five. Place each half between two sheets of plastic wrap and roll out to 8-9in pie crust

Bake as needed based on your filling.

A few notes:
- The dough is super white. Surprisingly so.
- The crust is also very forgiving. If you need to form it with your hands once in the pie plate, you can do it with no problem.
- The edges will probably burn so have tin foil or a protective crust ring on hand.


Tooj said...

Your pie makes me sooooooooooooo ready for turkey day food! My favorite holiday. :) I'm stopping by through SITS...have a great weekend!

Shanda said...

O.K., I'm totally going to be dropping in at your house with all of these cookies and're making me HUNGARY!!! :)

Preston said...

I love pumpkin pie and that looks so yummy. I can't wait for Thanksgiving!

Creative Junkie said...

I'm not much for pumpkin pie, but you had me at cranberry pecan tassies - yummm.

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