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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coaster Freaks

So this is the second Wednesday in a row that we've decended upon King's Dominion.

Last week we hit the waterpark and put Jimmy on his first floorless coaster: the Dominator. He was too little last year when the rest of us rode it at Geauga Lake.

This week, we just needed to get Jim's card and then we decided to hit a few coasters. We did almost the whole park in just 3 hours. No one was there: it had been raining on and off all day. It was GREAT.

It's nice to be a family of coaster nuts. Jimmy is officially one of us this year. He's tall enough to ride all the rides, and when we force him to try something new (it's a family law), he almost always just loves it.

Next week we leave for our 2nd annual amusement park trip. This year we're going to hit King's Island and Cedar Point. Perhaps we'll swing by Michigan Adventure, too, but we haven't decided yet. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

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