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Thursday, August 4, 2011

So, I had this really great idea....

But I have no idea now what it was!

- le sigh -

My brain's on summer break, for sure. Instead of an interesting, original post, please enjoy some nonsense, on me.


vanilla said...

Oh, dear. You may be joining the rest of "us"! I sometimes have an idea, but before I can find a pencil and pad I've forgotten it.
btw, thanks for the laugh. Such music.

matt said...

Genius comedy from my hometown of Cleveland -- thanks for the blast from my past!

Secondary Roads said...

Now, that was FUN!

Mark said...

~le sigh~ Best line I've read all day.

And I know the feeling, I have a fat mental file full of forgotten writing fodder. Inaccessible of course.

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