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Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have a new blog: Good Food, Gluten Free.

I told you I was plotting! I've always been a thinker. I think and I think and I plan and I plot. Eventually, I get around to taking action.  Eventually has officially arrived.

I have taken all the food posts from this blog, copied them into the new blog, and from here on out, that's where all the food posts will stay.  If you're a follower here for gluten-free reasons, please switch right on over with me!  Who knows?  There may be something in it for you if you're the first follower...  hint-hint!

If you're here because of my charming personality (or just because you're stuck with me because we're related), have no fear!  Here's What Let's Do is not going away!  Now that I have decided for real and for true what I'm doing out here in blog-land, posts will be forthcoming...  eventually.  (ha!)

See you on the flip side.


Hans and Shinta said...

Food blog! That I gotta check =)

Secondary Roads said...

And then there's your Uncle Chuck, who is not only related but is mesmerized by your charm and wit.

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