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Monday, August 31, 2009

The reason why is because....

(Did you just cringe when you read that? Good! You should! It's wrong...very, very wrong.)

The following are reasons completely unrelated to blogging that probably have a lot to do with why I am not blogging:

  • It's back to school time for teachers.
  • I miss my kids.
  • My hormones hate me.
  • I'm trying to plan for yet another new class.
  • The cat is feeling cuddly.
  • I found gf crackers that actually taste like crackers.
  • There are new video games in the house.
  • My kids are texting me.
  • I found my old Jezzball and Chips PC games.
  • The Saunder's chocolate sauce is calling my name.
  • The dog is sick.
  • Jim gives good hugs.
  • My Netflix movies came in.
  • Our friends called and invited us out to dinner.
  • I like to cook.
What else do you do? (or do you just sit here online and let the world roll by?)


Lisa Anne said...

I love netflix!! I work two jobs, one full-time and own my own Accounting consulting business. I am so smart that I always find time to check my blog and make comments. I don't blog at 5pm or before 7am and never on weekends. LOL

vanilla said...

Hope it is a great school year! So yes, being a wife, a mom and a teacher has to leave too little time for netflix, much less blogging.

Jill said...

nope not me... I am always on the go! I hope your puppy gets better!

Eva Gallant said...

I have been having bad luck with Netflix; the last movie they sent was damaged and wouldn't play; I sent it back and they sent me another copy, which also wouldn't play.

just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

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