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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When Random Attacks

Time: 9:35AM
Place: Living Room
Situation: Drinking coffee, enjoying solitude, watching a documentary on modern pirates

--phone rings--

Me: Hello?

Him: Is Michele there?

Me: (mental categorizing of possibilities commences) people who call me "Michele". List follows: doctor, government, central office employee, telemarketer, charity (aloud) This is.

Him: Oh, great! Good morning. I am "Bob" from ReMax and ...

Me: (mentally) Oh wonderful, what do they want? To offer me a wonderful re-finance deal?

Him: ...we're calling to let you know that there's a wonderful little house for sale on "nearby street". It's a 2 bedroom...

Me: (mentally) Wait! Remax doesn't do refi's! They're a realty company! Wait.... Huh? (aloud, shamelessly interrupting, and rather confused) Why are you calling me?

Him: (not missing a beat, not losing the smile in his voice) You know, that's a good question. Well, Michele, we were calling today to see if you know anyone who may be looking to move into this area --

Me: (interrupting yet AGAIN - and actually laughing a little bit) Wow. That IS a new one. Look, take me off your list, Ok?



vanilla said...

And it isn't even "telemarketing." It's merely a demographic survey!
Too funny.

What are we to do about the pirates?

Valerie said...

smells like- desperate!

Michelle said...

That's an all-new low for telemarketers everywhere.

Kaibee said...

Haha! Well what can I say! I hate solitude invaders soo much!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Oh my!!

The Laughing Idiot said...

I hate telemarketers - fortunately we have names that everyone screws up so we can always tell when it's not someone we know.

RebeccaMom said...

this is definitely a new one... I guess realtors are getting desperate!

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