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Monday, July 27, 2009

Some things are just wrong!

Have you entered the latest What is It? Contest yet? You have one more day.
The answer and winner(s) will be posted tomorrow.
Go ahead! Give it a shot!

Number 1: Jenga, the video game has the funniest line in their review for this game where they mention "the excitement of removing wooden blocks from a stack of…wooden blocks, one piece at a time."

I actually love love LOVE Jenga, but to play it as a video game just seems wrong!

Number 2: Drawing eyes on animal crackers

These eyes, especially. What kind of animal could that even be?!?!? Yikes. I was rather freaked out by these when I saw them in Toys-R-Us, and it turns out that Stauffer's does this to all their animals, some with better results than others.

Number 3: Pet Fashion Week

The Globe and Mail

There were many sphinx cats in Moscow's Pets Fashion Week fashion show, along with a variety of dog breeds, both large and small. (Mostly small) Perhaps the best line from the Pravda article I read about the event is "In winter time dog owners can dress their pets in natural fur coats. Such a fur coat will cost about $1,000." If you want to see more pics, click on the link below the picture or just do an image search. There's tons of photos out there!

Number 4: GameStop Employees who Make their own Signs

I took this photo while Jim was buying a game for Annie. Yes, that is an adorably fluffy bunny cursing in joy. -sigh-

Number 5: Dating in the Dark

Wow. Have you seen the commercials for this show? Just wow.


The Laughing Idiot said...

It's like that animal's eyes are saying, "Oh, crap, that huge child is going to eat me!"

And that cat - what are they thinking? It looks like it ran through a pile of my grandma's doilies and pot-pouri bowl. Gag me!

Chanda said...

Thank you for visiting today! I remember my old Jenga game, but I'm with you, not so sure of the video game!

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