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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Meadow, Part 2

Here are a few more photos for you from our trip to the meadow. I've included several of the kids' more experimental shots in this bunch. We took a lot of pictures. The small ones are Annie's and the larger ones are mine and Jimmy's. (Captions are for the picture above.)

"Purple grass, Mom?!?"

One of the many butterflies

Kinda hard to see it, but there's a brown and orange butterfly just above center on this picture.

Baby trees in the grass. This one was 3 inches tall.

This is the picture Annie was taking when I took her picture.

"Look! They're mating!"

Run-off track headed for the pond


vanilla said...

Thanks again for sharing your meadow "lark."

lizspin said...

Purple grass?

Will wonders never cease!

Clara said...

Awesome pictures. I especially like the shots of the tips of the grass against the sky.

Storm said...

Beautiful photos.

Shanda said...

Thanks again for sharing the awesomeness! Can't wait to check out that meadow!

Bike riding went REALLY WELL this afternoon! I think it helped knowing that YOU had gone biking where we will be going! ;)

Secondary Roads said...

Makes me want to go outdoors and play! I enjoyed the meadow visit.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Ahhhh, nature. SO serene-looking.

(and I checked out Cake Wreck's post today about the Dancing Goats - awesome! Thanks for telling me about it!)

Marina said...

Beautiful pics esp the one of the

I've come over from SITS and would love for you to bunny hop over to my blog and enter 4 great giveaways...never may win one :>

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