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Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's a Celiac Miracle!

Well, maybe miracle is too strong a word. Or maybe my food life has just been more sad than I'm willing to admit. Either way, today was a good day.

First, breakfast. I had Cocoa Pebbles. Yup. Apparently everybody and their sister (including Rachel Ray) knew this already, but I had heard that Post had changed the recipe for Pebbles and had added barley malt, thus rendering it inedible to me. That was only for the Fruity Pebbles, though.

Here's the great part: Jim bought Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles for breakfast, and I picked up the Fruity Pebbles box to longingly peruse the ingredient list, pining and wishing the barley malt would not be on the list. AND IT WAS NOT! This of course prompted me to rush right to the web and check for the possibility that Fruity Pebbles were again gluten free, which led to my discovery that Cocoa Pebbles were, which led to my investigation of polydextrose (labeled as "fiber source"), which led to the discovery that polydextrose really isn't a fiber, but just more of a sugar/lubricant/thingy, which led to me eating one of my favorite cereals of ALL TIME for breakfast!

Tomorrow: Fruity Pebbles

(That may not seem so great to some of you, but I stopped eating cereal several years ago. I thought that the high amount of cold milk in the morning was making my stomach hurt. Silly me. It's fanTAStic to be able to eat some of my favorite cereals again and not hurt a bit.)


And if that wasn't enough, we checked out a new restaurant for dinner: T-Rex. Think Rainforest Cafe meets dinosaurs. Pretty great.

When I asked if a gluten-free menu was available, the staff said they could do one better, and one of the chefs came out to talk to me and walk me through what I could eat. Fully half of the menu was available, and he said that there were also several things that he could alter for me if I really really wanted them.

He said he would be making my dinner, and once I had ordered, he would come talk to me if I accidentally ordered something I shouldn't have. This turned out to be a good thing as the server forgot to make a substitution and accidentally left the gluten-filled side on the order. Oops! The chef popped out right away to check with me what I wanted in its place.


And the food was good, too!


Secondary Roads said...

Oh Mikki, I am so happy for you! And a double to top it off. Hugs to all.
-- Uncle Chuck

Michelle said...

Life without cereal is one not worth living, really, so I'm pleased to welcome you back to the Cereal World with open arms! Yay!

Clara said...

Hooray!!! That's wonderful. I'll ber sure we have them for you at the lake.

Ida said...

I think a nice letter to the head of the company about that cook would be in order. I am happy for you about the cereal. Although, personally, I can't see what anyone sees in cold cereal.

Jen said...

This made me smile when I read it. I love cereal too -SO MUCH. I like it in the evening, though for a little before bed treat. I was so thrilled when rice chex changed to be GF and then HONEY nut rice chex!!! YUMMY!

When I was pregnant and ate oatmeal all the time and then threw it up, I used to think it was because I ate instant and not old fashioned. WRONG.

ok....sorry for the long response to the post. Loving your blog. :) I love finding other Christian GF blog writers!

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