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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunrise at Virginia Beach

During Spring Break week, we decided that we simply MUST get away for a few days, so we drove a few hours to the ocean and crashed at the Holiday Inn. One morning, the kids and I woke up for the sunrise.

There is a heavy mist over the water, and a naval vessel is crossing through. You can see it, beginning in photo five, crossing from left to center. As the sun rises and clears the mist, its color changes, and then suddenly its rays are reflected across the water: brilliant and beautiful.

Sunrise over the ocean:


Secondary Roads said...

Awesome! What a great way to start a Sunday morning. It's raining here. Ugh.

Shanda said...

Gorgeous!! Makes me want to go!

lizspin said...

We have pictures of a sunrise at
Virginia Beach. . . years ago when my kids were still little enough to want to travel with us. . .

Mary at My New 30 said...

Don't you love to watch the sunrise and set? Just beautiful!

Hi, I'm Mary popping over from SITS you posted on roll call before me today so thought I would come and say hello!

Hope you have a great week.

Mark said...

I. Am. SOOO. Jealous.

But don't mind us, just enjoy.

Aunt Spicy said...

Love morning sunrises! What a great vacation with your family!

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