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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It's been a while since I actually had a post to go along with my One Weigh at a Time committment (my weight loss/ healthy living group). Sorry about that.

I am down to 173#
(.5# loss for the week)

Tada! or something.

Looking for a support group to encourage you in your own healthy goals? Come and join us!
One Weigh at a Time


thewholegang said...

Oh someday I might get back to dairy. If I do I'll get cooking Alfredo!

Julie said...

Good Job on the loss! I am glad you are still going with One Weigh at a Time. We need people to help us & be proud of us. & I am proud of you!! A loss is great!

B Boys Mom said...

You are doing great! I would love to be at 173. Thanks for the supportive comment. I really needed it. I just need to keep going but when I don't see that scale move for weeks it hard to keep going. New week new out look.

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