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Thursday, April 9, 2009


In the spirit of sharing the freaky, yet impressive, things that my children enjoy creating for school, and in the spirit of my Uncle Chuck's blog, I bring you a challenge.

Please identify the following:

My son made it for school, and is very proud of it. Can you identify it?
Good luck!


vanilla said...

Meerkat in tuxedo.

Anonymous said...

I think I once made a bear out of paper mache that had those same eyes.

It is impressive (and yet a littel freaky.)

Happy Easter.

Mark said...

ET. Made of dog poop and powdered sugar. Or maybe chocolate.

Hey, you tell stories about your kids.

Mikki Black said...

So far, my Aunt Syl is the closest. Her guesses were...

Could it be a penguin?

Second guess: His dad preaching. In a suit?

The reason she's closest? It is supposed to be a likeness of an actual person, an American, no less.

Secondary Roads said...

My first thought was a penguin doing karaoke of "Stop - - - In the name of Love." But you've shot that down.

Is it MLK Jr?

Mikki Black said...

A-ha! We're getting closer. Not MLK, but definitely closer!

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