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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why it's Great to Procrastinate

Oh, how I love to put things off!
To meet deadlines just makes me scoff.
I'd rather save the work for later,
And go play now!

................................Don't be a hater.
You know you're jealous of my scheme.
You wish YOU could flounce and preen
And run and play and button mash
And fight the zombies - hack and slash!
You wish YOU could be chore free,
Come outside, play ball like me.

Never have to work again, but rock
A fancy inter-web scam and lock
Away the ties forever. Never wear
another pair of hose or itchy underwear.
Never have to go to work
On days when coffee just won't perk.
Yes, my pals, delay is great.
Always just procrastinate!

And all of this, I have to say
Makes me sad on this fine day.
Because it's sunny, warm, and mild:
A Heaven for my inner child.
But I can't go and frolic with you.
Tomorrow morning grades are due.

(c) Mikki Black, 2009


Ida said...

such is life

Secondary Roads said...

I am so with you Mik . . .
Until you get to the last line.

Mark said...

All that and a poet too. Amazing.

Clara said...

Ah, retirement! I don't have any grades due tomorrow.

lizspin said...

Loved the poem!

And the thought of not working!!!

vanilla said...

I do remember those days,as through a glass darkly, as through a haze. No grades to post, no meetings to host, or attend.
Fun without end. Amen.

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