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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Weight: 174#
Change: Down 2#

I am within 10 pounds of my first mini-goal of 165, and I think I should make it soon. Yay!

I have exercised several days this past week and a half: sledding two days, family walks two days, increased activity at home - chores, etc. Haven't started the situp or pushup challenges, though I still plan to.

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lizspin said...

Can't I just watch you lose weight vicariously????

Mikki Black said...

Sure, Liz! I lose stuff for people all the time! (especially homework assignments that come in late.)

I guess I'm a teacher on spin!

Ida said...

It's good to get that close to a goal. Feels even better to make it. (at least I think it would, I haven't made mine yet. 17.5 lbs away.)

ciara said...

great job on the loss. i was holding off posting results cos i wanted to see if we got more people this wk. hopefully i get them posted tomorrow. been sick last 5 days :( you'll make to your mini goal in no time. i made a mini goal of 10 lbs in 2 mos. i think it's reasonable.

Chris said...

Hi, Love your blog! and great that you are close to your Mini Goal, Mine just went from 4 lbs to 6 aways away. Its been a hard week. Hope your weekend goes good !

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