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Friday, February 6, 2009

Hi, John!

Time for installment 2 of this irregularly serial series! Time to meet another influential person from my life. Today's person: John.

John was my first love. (The first that I remember, anyway.)

I don't know his last name, but we went to church together at the Bible Baptist Church in Leslie. Here it is:

There are two things that I remember about John. One is that we went to church together. The other is that he liked spinach. (Who wouldn't love him, right?)

I don't know why I liked John. I don't know if he was nice, cute, polite, or any combination thereof. I just know we were in Sunday School together and he liked spinach. I know this because our Sunday School class had a party, and I took a can of spinach FOR THE PARTY because it was John's favorite.

That's dedication right there, people. Dedication. Devotion. Obsession, perhaps.

Well, that's my entire memory of John. So why does he make the list? Because that memory tells me something about myself. I was willing to do something for someone I -ahem- "loved" even though it almost surely meant that I would be ridiculed. Why? Because others' happiness is important! And if I can make someone else happy, I sure am going to try to do it.

So thanks, John. Thanks for waking that up in me. I owe you one.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Ok, how awkward is this for John? Just sayin. What if he's just not that into you? :)

Oh, fine, I'm not a curmudgeon. Maybe I'll write about Ginger.

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