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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Week three has arrived, and it's time to announce my change for the week.

Current: 175.6#
Change: down 1.4#

Think slim, huh? Ok... I need to increase my activity. As fun as it is to sit around stimulating only my mind, I am more than just a brain in a box. Time to round off the corners and pay attention to my "container" as well as my noggin.


Clara said...

Good for you! Don't forget to record it in you One Weigh at a Time comment!

ciara said...

great job on the loss. keep it up!

i'm so confuzzled w what wk this is. had issues w blog this morning. can't lose weight. list goes on and on lol

Julie said...

Good Job on the loss! It looks like you are thinking slim to lose that much in a week!

Mark said...

Hee hee, "brain in a box," that's great. Can I steal that line?

And Ciara, 'confuzzled' is the coolest word I've heard all week.

AnnieMac said...

Congrats on your weight loss too! It was the first week so that is some water weight I lost and the hard part is keeping it up. Sometimes McDonalds french fries sound so good! I am glad to join oneweighatatime because it is good to have a support group and I hope it will keep me motivated.

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