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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time out for Lemonade!

While I was sitting on the couch grousing and pouting, I decided to check my blog comments, and found that I've been given this award:
Clara (aka my mom) over at Coming Back to Life gave me this award for "showing gratitude or a good attitude (from 'if life hands you lemons, make lemonade')! " I kid you not.

The Irony, oh! The unlimited, hateful irony! gah! Poetic justice, too, perhaps? After all here are a few of my favorite "If life hands you lemons" quotes:
  • If life hands you lemons, make grape juice. Then, sit back and let 'em wonder how you did it.
  • If life hands you lemons, throw them back and ask for chocolate.
  • If life hands you lemons, stick 'em in your bra and be glad it's better than nothin'!
  • Since when are people just randomly handed lemons?
  • If life hands you lemons, chuck them at people. Survival of the fittest, baby.
  • If life hands you lemons, make tea!
  • If life hands you lemons, just shut up and eat the damn lemons.
And, perhaps my all-time favorite:
So on this cranky evening when I am wet from turning on the shower by accident and itchy from fiberglass shavings under my skin, when I am mad because my house was put together oddly by thrifty do-it-yourselfers and now that it's breaking I can't do it myself, too, when I wish my husband could cook, when I wish my kids could cook, when I wish fast food didn't taste like the packaging it comes in, I am happy.

I am happy because even though one bathroom is broke, I have another one (and a half!)

I am happy because there are three Christmas trees in my house. Some of them are messily decorated, and that's Ok.

I am happy because I get to decorate this year, because I feel like decorating this year, and because I actually managed to find almost all of my decorations for this year.

I am happy because my family loves me, even when I cut holes in the wall that I can't really fix. Even when I burn dinner. Even when I lose my temper because of something I myself did. Even when I pout on the new couch while wearing a wet t-shirt.

I am happy because I have the bestest husband ever, who probably will read this and be SO proud of me for using the word "bestest" on my blog.

I am happy because I have a son who is old enough to learn what it means to be a man, but young enough to snuggle and just hang out.

I am happy because said son is very happy to spend his chore time cleaning the toilets so I don't have to. And happy to mop. He loves to mop.

I am happy to have a daughter who does stuff like this.

I am happy to have a daughter who is just like me, who knows she is just like me, and is quite content - if not downright proud - to be just like me.

I am happy to have this dog. (Who wouldn't be?)

Finally, I am happy to have others who inspire me and show me the way when it comes to peace and contentment in a life made complete in Christ. I don't have 10 blogs to recommend as the award stipulates, but I will do my best to follow the rules, which are as follows:
  • Put the logo on your blog or post.
  • Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
  • Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
  • Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
  • Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

My nominees are:
  1. Shanda at A Teachable Heart - A down-to-earth, honest, woman of integrity who never fails to have some amazing wisdom to share. Also a friend from the real world who I have seen move through adversity with grace and strength.
  2. Joy at News From Joy - my sister-in-law. Although our boys are the same age, they've had very different paths through life. In dealing with her son's disabilities, illnesses, and surgeries, she has managed to stay positive and faithful.
  3. Megan at I Kicked Cancer's Ass - a new acquaintance out here in the virtual world, Megan blogs about fighting through cancer and the stigmas associated with a cervical cancer diagnosis. She also has just finished college and runs benefits for other fighting cancer.
  4. Just Say Julie at Keeping up with the Chreste's - another newly found blogger who is cheerful and fun to read, too.
  5. Melissa at A Mom Like You - A wonderful friend, Melissa now has a blog, too! She is an amazing mom and a spiritually strong woman. She is kind and intelligent and just all around fabulous. Melissa has taken her mothering advice to the web with this blog and the virtual world is lucky to have her!


Kalei said...

great Lemon quotes! I eat the lemons myself.=) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love that your kids "just love, love" to do all that house work..... they will have to teach mine to start now (they are 8 months and 2 years).....Great Post, Go SITS!

Just say Julie said...

I would definately be the one chucking lemons at people. My classroom overlooks the parking lot... oh the fun I could have :) Thanks for the award! I will post it ASAP. Your family sounds super sweet, and if they are like mine, they find ways to remind you at just the right time.

Clara said...

Wonderful post. It made me smile. Especially that silly picture of Annie. Can hardly wait to put my arms around all of you in about 17 days!

Shanda said...

You just made my week! Not only because you gave me my very first blog award and said so many wonderful things about me...but also by making me laugh at your photos & the irony of the timing of your award...God definitely has a sense of humor!!! Thank you so much!!!

Jac said...

Your post here is EXACTLY what I needed today. You see, I've had a down in the dumps day; and now you've reminded me to look for the sugar so I can make some lemonade :)

Anonymous said...

Love those pics!

Zen Ventures said...

Congrats on your award and yes you are lucky to have a family so loving! :)

Amanda in GA said...

Over from SITS just to wish you a happy day :)

Heather said...

What a great award. Congratulations!! Very well deserved, my dear. Oh, and I'm writing down your lemon quotes. Brilliant!!

vanilla said...

I just want to say that I appreciate your attitude of gratitude and that you are willing to share the 'thankful for' list.

I'm inspired. Think I'll quit grumbling. We all have so much for which to be thankful.

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